China’s new insult to Australia


China’s new insult to Australia

China has not laid off taking pot shots at Australia. State-owned media has published a new cartoon about our relationship with the US. 

Beijing has accused Australia of being a front for the US as tensions continue to flare following an inflammatory tweet.

In a new cartoon published by Chinese state-owned media, a kangaroo’s shadow on a wall is portrayed as being the US eagle.

The Global Times put out the image on Sunday along with an article about Australia’s ties to the US.

“It is clear to all that Australia has been the pawn in the US regional strategy in the recent years, especially during the Trump administration,” it states.

“In the US campaign to attack Huawei, Australia fired the first shot and then took credit for the US.

“When it comes to confronting China, Australia cannot claim to be the US’s number two ally.”

Australia last week condemned China’s foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian for posting a doctored image showing an Australian soldier slitting the throat of an Afghan boy.

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Beijing's foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian posted a falsified image and said China condemned the murder of Afghan civilians.

Beijing's foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian posted a falsified image and said China condemned the murder of Afghan civilians.Source:Supplied

The post came after the landmark Brereton report into alleged war crimes committed by Australian soldiers was released.

Australia’s relationship with its largest trading partner, China, has also strained with Beijing slapping tariffs on Aussie wine imports.

Beijing authorities have slapped trade sanctions on several industries during the past year.

In May, China threatened to boycott Australian beef, wine and international student markets.

By mid-August it had announced imported wines in 2L containers or less were subject to anti-dumping investigations for the period of January 1 to December 31, 2019.

A document containing 14 grievances China has with Australia also leaked this month following customs issues with Aussie goods including seafood, timber and coal.

The list included Australia’s push for an independent investigation into the origins of coronavirus, interference in China’s affairs with Taiwan, Hong Kong and Xinjiang, and issues in the South China Sea.

“After suffering great losses from deteriorating relations with China, Australia bit back and accused China of bullying it,” the Global Times wrote.

“China has seen this type of Aussie trick before.”

It went on to write that although Australia was tied to the US, the country was clear that China’s role in its economic development was “irreplaceable”.

“It cannot afford to completely break ties with China. In short, the awkward situation that Australia is in simply resulted from the fact that it provoked China but was unwilling to pay for the damage,” it states.

Australian ministers have repeatedly attempted to get their Chinese counterparts on the phone to discuss the deteriorating relationship to no avail.




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