Donald Trump Won Michigan County Vote That Was Reported As Biden Win After Recount


In the latest result from a line of election vote recounts following disputes over the victor of the US election, the county of Antrim has completed its hand recount and found that Donald Trump has increased the victory he'd held in the county by 12 votes.

Antrim, Michigan state, is a reliably Republican county but on the night of November 3, Democrat Biden was way ahead of the outgoing President according to the election software provided by Dominion.

It did not match the printed count but once the drives in some of the machines were updated the results were rectified.

However, as a result an audit was called - with the result being that out of 15,962 votes cast, Trump had improved his margin of victory to 12 votes, having improved to 9,759 votes and seeing his rival lose one to fall back to 5,959.

On the surface this might be considered good news for Trump, who has been running a campaign to dispute and legally challenge multiple results from the election that saw him ousted after just one term.

However, hand counts are often slightly different to automated counts and the margin of error here was so small that it merely proves that the voting machines did their job.

It's good news really for Dominion, who have been subjected to repeated accusations by the Trump administration that their machines had been rigged or were otherwise unsuitable for use for voting.

In a tweet following the completion of the audit, Jocelyn Benson the Secretary of State for Michigan wrote: "Dominion's voting machines accurately tabulated votes cast for president. Now it's time for the disinformation campaigns to end, and for all leaders to unequivocally affirm the Nov election was secure, accurate & fair."

The audit was live streamed over a period of six hours, with David Becker, the executive director of the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Election Innovation & Research, endorsing the decision to open up the process to voters.

"Transparency is absolutely important, and transparency is an area in which Michigan has been doing a great job this year. Antrim is a great example," he said.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

It would appear that the road for Donald Trump is is coming to and end after a slew of lawsuits across several states were almost unanimously dismissed over the past several weeks.

The ultimate blow to his vain hopes of somehow securing a second term came within the last fortnight, with the Supreme Court rejecting the Texas AG's bid to overturn the election results, before the Electoral College formally cast their votes to cement the election result - of which Biden received 306 to Trump's 232.

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