'I refuse to sleep in the same room as my wife and baby'


'I refuse to sleep in the same room as my wife and baby'

The concerned father took to Reddit to vent his frustration about his sleeping arrangement with his wife and their three-month-old baby. 

A frustrated father has revealed that his wife has accused him of not caring about their family because he’s been choosing to sleep on the lounge.

Taking to Reddit to vent, the father revealed that his wife insists on their three-month-old baby girl as well as her three-year-old daughter from a previous relationship both sleeping in the bed with them.

Asking for advice about whether he was out of line, the new dad said it was nearly impossible for him to get any sleep in a queen-sized bed with the whole family and that he needed rest for his demanding job.

“My wife is a stay at home mum,” he explained in the post.

“She had a daughter (3 now) when we moved in together and co slept with her. That was fine with me and I got used to co sleeping with her, she has her own bed but refuses to sleep in her room at night, only for naps.

“I have a very physically and mentally demanding job, early morning, 12+ hour shifts, 5 days a week. When I get home I cook for our family (her cooking is HORRIBLE, she’d burn water), spend a few hours with them and then straighten up around the house before going to bed.”

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The father had resorted to sleeping on the lounge. Source: iStock. 

"She refuses to stop co-sleeping"

The father revealed the problem started when his wife insisted on the new baby co-sleeping with them, too.

“We have a bedside pivoting crib but she refuses to use it. She also refuses to break the co-sleeping with the 3 year old,” he wrote.

“I’ve even brought the toddler bed into our room to try to get her to sleep in it with no luck. This being said, with me there are 4 people in a queen-sized bed.

“The 3 year is a ROUGH sleeper and will end up sideways in the bed and my wife can’t sleep without the TV on because of night terrors. So on the occasion, I do sleep in our bed I have just enough room to lay sideways on the edge of the bed and have to either blindfold myself and wear ear plugs or heavy drug myself, neither of which are good since there is a 3-month-old in the bed."

He went on to say that he has started sleeping on the lounge so he can get the sleep he needs, but will happily get up if he hears the baby cry.

However, his wife still thinks he should be staying in the bed.

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"It's so dangerous to co-sleep"

Many Reddit users were not impressed by the wife’s antics and jumped to the father’s defence.

“Kids and caring for kids is important, but so are you, so is your relationship, and she's allowing, and enforcing, you to suffer to get her own way. She's an asshole,” wrote one person.

“I agree,” said another. “There's no way to sleep with two adults, a toddler, and a baby in a queen size bed. Someone is either ended up on the floor, or getting squashed. I can't see this marriage lasting if there isn't a compromise. The three year old needs to move into her own bed, even if it's in their room and the baby into the crib. We never had our kids co-sleep with us. I can understand occasionally when they are older and have a nightmare, but every night, no. They need to be in their own beds. Babies have died because a parent rolled over on them and the suffocated.”

“Put your foot down, get your bed back,” wrote another. “Your bed is for you to sleep in and for you and your SO to be intimate.”

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Meanwhile, others were extremely concerned for the safety of the baby.

“There is no way to safely co-sleep with an infant and a toddler. It would be very easy for the toddler to hurt or smother the baby in her sleep,” wrote one user.

“It’s wildly unsafe. And ultimately it’s unfortunate mum has disordered sleeping and needs the TV but kids and babies deserve good sleep environments and a TV on all night isn’t that,” said another.

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