'I've given up': Hopeless romantic heads to Bunnings to find a husband

Woman, 26, heads to Bunnings in an attempt to find a husband after giving up on dating apps

Aussies usually head to Bunnings to pick up tools, hardware and maybe some plants.

But one woman, who has given up on dating apps, made a trip to the DIY store in an attempt to find a husband.

Single woman and TikTok user Leesh Cunningham, 26, says she opted for a more “traditional” approach to dating after giving up on Tinder and online dating sites.

“So, I’ve given up on Tinder and online dating and I’ve gone for a more traditional approach … I’ve come to Bunnings to find me a husband,” she says in a video uploaded to the social media site.

Cunningham is seen scanning the store, walking down different aisles in search of a partner, but to no avail.

“It is drier than the Sahara Desert in here,” she says with disappointment.

Waiting patiently...
Waiting patiently... Credit: TikTok/__leesh___

After a first failed trip, the 26-year-old revisited the store, where she asks a customer service assistant for help.

“I’m just looking for a husband and I was told you guys have them here,” the 26-year-old tells an attendant.

The customer service representative told Cunningham “they were flying off the shelves”.

But no luck.
But no luck. Credit: TikTok/__leesh___

“If we have any, they’ll be in the back corner on the left.”

But after rushing to the back corner, Cunningham’s attempts were again fruitless.

After posting videos of her two trips to a store, the 26-year-old went viral.

Even the customer service attendant couldn't help.
Even the customer service attendant couldn't help. Credit: TikTok/__leesh___

Her videos have since been viewed thousands of times, with viewers expressing sympathy and urging her not to give up.

Others offered her dating tips, with some suggesting she visit Mitre 10 instead.

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