Lose your rights’: Pauline Hanson’s ‘racist’ spray


Pauline Hanson has declared people on welfare have ‘lost their rights’ in a furious speech

Pauline Hanson has declared people have “lost their rights” in a furious speech where she also attacked an Aboriginal senator who had “a white father.”


Pauline Hanson has declared people on welfare have “lost their rights” in a furious speech where she also attacked the fact an Aboriginal senator had “a white father.”

Speaking in support of the cashless debit card that critics have dubbed as “racist”, the One Nation leader shocked the chamber on Wednesday by declaring anyone relying on welfare had forfeited their right to decide how they spend the money.

The card links 80 per cent of welfare payments to a cashless card to stop the purchase of drugs, alcohol and pornography.

“That’s what this card is about. It’s not about a person’s rights,’’ Senator Hanson said.

“When you go onto this card, you basically lose your rights as well. If you go on a welfare system, you’ve lost your rights.”

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Picture: Sam Mooy

Picture: Sam MooySource:Getty Images

The Morrison Government’s hope to enshrine the cashless welfare card as a permanent feature appeared in strife last night after Senator Rex Patrick announced he would oppose the legislation.

But it was quickly revived via Centre Alliance’s Stirling Griff who indicated he would back amendments to extend it for two years.

Senator Hanson said there had been many positive effects that flowed from the cashless welfare card, that restricts welfare recipients from spending cash on drugs, alcohol and pornography.

“There have been increased purchases of baby items, food, clothing, shoes, toys and other goods for children,’’ she said.

“That’s why they are quite happy to be on the card. They can say: ‘I can’t give you money. I haven’t got it.’ Humbugging is in these communities. They know that family members are taking money from them.”



However, the One Nation leader then turned her sights on the Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe who has described the card as “racist.” “I can’t let go what Senator Thorpe said earlier in this chamber. She commented that it’s her land,’’ Senator Hanson said. “Senator Thorpe talks about her land. What about the white part? Where’s her white father in all of this, who I should say is a member of the One Nation party?.”

The remarks then prompted a demand from the Deputy President of the Senate Sue Lines that Senator Hanson withdraw the remarks. “Senator Hanson, are you arguing with the Deputy President of the Senate? I’ve directed you to withdraw those remarks,’’ she said. “It is my responsibility under the standing orders of the Senate to ensure that debate is within the standing orders. I further remind you of a statement the President made on several occasions in this place about how this is a workplace and how we need to respect one another and to not refer to other senators in a personal way. So I would ask you to withdraw the remarks that you made about Senator Thorpe’s family. “It’s not a debating point. I’m directing you to do that, so please do that.

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