Residents trapped in homes as entire Melbourne suburb inundated by hairy panic tumbleweed


A tricky clean-up is underway after a Melbourne housing estate was taken over by tumbleweeds.

Gale force winds whipped up the giant balls from a paddock over the weekend, swamping homes and backyards in the north-west suburb of Hillside.

The natural phenomenon called ‘hairy weed invasion’ has left some residents trapped in their homes as they’re too worried to open their doors.

One resident told Sunrise she spent hours clearing up the tumbleweed on one day, only to have it return the next.

“It surrounded our whole backyard, it was 4m high in some areas,” Claire Pigott said.

Claire Pigott's home was swamped by the tumbleweeds.
Claire Pigott's home was swamped by the tumbleweeds. Credit: Supplied


“We couldn’t even see our dogs, getting in our front door was crazy because it was just so high.”

“We were actually in shock, we didn’t know where to start.”

Residents suspect that the tumbleweed is coming from an unmaintained paddock nearby, but the local council has refused to help homeowners clean it up.

“There’s meant to be some kind of weed management, I don’t know why they haven’t done it,” Pigott said.

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