This mum only has sex with her partner once a year on Christmas Day


UK mum only has sex with partner once a year on Christmas Day

A British woman has detailed the lengthy sex ban she imposes on her partner, claiming the extreme move is “worth it” – but people aren’t convinced.

Most people want to spoil their partner come Christmas Day, but UK mum Jen Stevens has taken it to the next level.

The 23-year-old Manchester woman refuses to have sex with her partner Rob Walker, 24, all year round except for December 25 – describing it as his “Christmas present”.

The couple’s extreme sex ban has left the internet shocked, with some describing it as “wild” as others failed to see the benefits.

But despite the lack of regular sex in their relationship the couple have had no trouble falling pregnant.

Rob and Jen welcomed daughter Arabella three months ago after conceiving on Christmas Day last year.

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Rob Walker and Jen Stevens only have sex on Christmas Day. Picture: Twitter.

Rob Walker and Jen Stevens only have sex on Christmas Day.

Jen said she knew her and Rob’s arrangement “sounds crazy” but it had actually “made us stronger as a couple”.

“We‘re happy to just kiss and cuddle for the rest of the year,” she told The Sun.

Jen said the fact that the couple conceived their daughter last Christmas was proof their ban was the “best decision we ever made”.

“Last Christmas, the sex was amazing and we did it five times,” she said.

“I found out we’d conceived our first child on Christmas Day three weeks later and we were both absolutely thrilled.”

Jen argues her arrangement isn’t much different from friends of hers who admit to only having sex a few times a year with their partners and means her relationship isn’t just physical.

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They said it was the best decision they ever made after conceiving last year. Picture: Twitter
They said it was the best decision they ever made after conceiving last year.

She also doesn’t care what people think of her sex life as the year-long build up made it worth it on Christmas Day.

“The sex itself makes the anticipation and build up worth it. It’s the best day of the year – why not make it even better?” she told the UK publication.

December 25 is a special date for the couple, who met on Christmas Day in 2017.

Jen and Rob began dating soon after but wanted to take things slow after both being hurt by previous relationships.

Rob spent most of the year overseas meaning their romance was long distance and the couple was reunited on Christmas Day, 2018.

They had sex for the first time that day and Rob went on to propose to Jen a week later on New Year’s Eve.

After their magical time together at Christmas Jen suggested the couple go without sex until December 25 rolled around again – and Rob agreed.

This year the couple are determined to “create another Christmas miracle” and they “can’t wait” for Christmas Day.

“Rob had better jingle my bells and give me another baby,” Jen said.

On Facebook many couldn’t believe the couple could withhold from the act for so long.

“I couldn’t go that long,” one wrote.

“Wouldn’t you go mad?” another asked.

“There’s no way I would agree to this,” someone else said.

Others doubted whether the claims were true, writing: “I don't believe any guy would agree to that.”

While some simply said the year-long sex ban was “bonkers” and “wild”.

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