Trump's grandkids leave their handprints in White House Children's Garden less than a month before they move out


"The psychology of a grandfather tends to bother me a little bit because it tends to represent lots of good things but one not-so-good thing," Trump had said.

In less than a month, Donald Trump will be walking out of the White House with packed bags with quite a questionable legacy in presidential history. But before the Trump family officially moves out to let the Biden family move in, the youngest generation of Trumps have also left their mark at the White House.

First Daughter Ivanka Trump recently shared photographs of her three children, Arabella, 9, Joseph, 7, and Theodore, 4, leaving their handprints in the White House Children's Garden.

Explaining its significance, Ivanka Trump wrote on Facebook, "The Children's Garden was a gift from President and Mrs. Johnson to the White House in 1968. The garden features a goldfish pond, an apple tree, tulips and grape hyacinth."

With Donald Trump's grandchildren now also leaving behind a symbol of their connection to the White House, Ivanka Trump added, "Footprints and handprints of Presidents' children and grandchildren are embedded in the garden's paved pathway. 10 more bronze pavers were added by @FLOTUS, handprints of each of President Trump’s grandchildren."

In 1969, when then-First Lady, Mrs. Johnson wrote in her diary as the curtains closed on her husband's presidential tenure, "Sunday, January 19 [1969]. Today dawned gray and dreary with a light rain falling... Carrying an umbrella, I went down to the Children’s Garden, which will be our departing gift to the White House... Even in the gray day, the garden was a charming little spot... a very secret, quiet place," as quoted by The White House Historical Association.

Several children and grandchildren of American presidents have left behind their hand and footprints at the White House over the past decades, including Lucinda Robb Florio, granddaughter of President Johnson, and Barbara and Jenna, President George W. Bush's children. And now, handprints that belong to Donald Trump's grandchildren are also among more than 30 handprints in the Children's Garden, according to the Daily Mail.

Over the past four years, Donald Trump has been spotted with his grandkids on different occasions at the White House. Previously, Ivanka Trump also spoke about how Donald Trump is around her children and told Yahoo Parenting, "They love him."

"He’s really, really amazing with the kids," Ivanka Trump said. "They see him most weekends during the summer... They spend a lot of time rolling around with him on golf carts. They adore him."

Donald Trump leaving the White House with his grandchildren Arabella (L) and Joseph (R) on March 3, 2017 in Washington, DC. (Source: Getty Images | Photo by Win McNamee)

Donald Trump has also spoken about being a grandfather but said there is something about it that bothers him. "I guess I'm getting a little bit older but it's a wonderful thing," he told Fox & Friends, as quoted by Bustle. "...the psychology of a grandfather tends to bother me a little bit because it tends to represent lots of good things but one not-so-good thing. But that's OK. We’re very happy about it."

In response to being asked whether he spoils his grandchildren, Donald Trump replied, "I think I do. Great children. Beautiful children."

One thing he was quite specific about was what his grandchildren call him. In 2007, after his first grandchild was born, he was asked by People what he would like to be called, and Donald Trump replied, "Anything but grandpa!"

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