Calls to ban ‘Grease’ over sexism, racism and homophobia


Twitter’s ridiculous reaction to classic movie ‘Grease’, dubbed sexist, racist and homophobic

Twitter has found something new to be outraged about - the 1970s musical film ‘Grease’, with some social media warriors attacking its themes.

Twitter users have found something new - or rather, old - to be outraged about.

The airing of 1970s hit musical Grease on Boxing Day in Britain sparked a flurry of fury on the social media platform, with some expressing upset at the film’s themes.

Forty-two years after its cinema release, the cult classic doesn’t appear to be ageing well, with Twitter critics calling it ‘misogynistic’, ‘rapey’ and encouraging of ‘slut-shaming’.

Brits who watched the film and took to the web were outraged, with some even calling for Grease to be removed from screens altogether.

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The two stars in Grease, which came out in the 1970s.

The two stars in Grease, which came out in the 1970s.Source:News Regional Media


First released in 1978 and starring Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta, Grease tells the story of young lovers Danny and Sandy indulging in a summer romance in 1958.

Leather-clad Danny is the classic bad boy who spent a wild and romantic night with wholesome and studious Sandy. Their character differences is what encourages Sandy to embark on a mission to become increasingly raunchy and bold to win the man of her dreams. Not something that is sitting well with viewers today.

One of the most problematic references came from the Summer Nights song, with the lyric, “Did she put up a fight?”

The lyric comes when Danny relays his journey on seducing Sandy to his mates.

Some went on to call the entire plot sexist, racist and homophobic.


Another point of contention came in the form of character Rizzo, who was “slut-shamed” for having unprotected sex. She even got her own song about it.

Danny and Sandy in the final dance-off at their local high school.

Danny and Sandy in the final dance-off at their local high school.Source:News Limited

But it didn’t end there. Several other parts of the movie were placed under the microscope, one including a ‘pervert’ friend of Danny’s called Putzie.

In once scene, Putzie hid under the floor so he could look up the skirts of two female students at Rydell High School.

Then comes radio announcer Vince Fontaine, who made a homophobic comment at the Rydell High dance.

He announced to dancers that there were no same-sex couples.


Aside from the glaringly obvious issues Grease faces with misogyny and homophobia, it also had a huge problem with diversity.


However, just as many people leapt in to defend the hit movie, many claiming it was the perfect film to be broadcast on Boxing Day.


It’s not the first time Grease has come under the spotlight for political correctness; in October 2020, the lead actress had to defend the musical amid #MeToo movement claims.

Lead actress Olivia Newton-John said: “It’s a movie and a fun story and I’ve never taken it too seriously”.

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