Texas parents who support Trump kicked their daughter out of the house because she voted for Biden


"You better pray for me because I'm about to singlehandedly ruin my entire relationship with my parents," she said before revealing to them that she voted for Biden.

People post all kinds of stuff on Reddit and one such video recently shared on the public platform was that of a woman being kicked out of her home because she voted for Joe Biden. Originally shared on TikTok, the woman's video shows how she was thrown out of her home by her parents on the night the president-elect delivered his victory speech.

The woman whose username was @juuldaism first shared a video on November 3 where she revealed to her parents that she voted for the Democrat before which she said: "You better pray for me because I'm about to singlehandedly ruin my entire relationship with my parents."

The second clip started with the woman’s parents’ reaction to Biden's presidential speech on November 7 speech. The video then showed the woman talking to herself in a room and telling the viewers that her parents were discussing throwing her out of the house. And just as she said that, her mom can be heard entering the room and telling her in a distressed tone, “Your dad is extremely upset. You voted for this a**hole. He wants us to wear masks, and he wants us to be locked in, and we're going to be slaves and peasants! I need your keys right now."


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The video ended with the TikToker standing outside her house with some packed things and then going outside while claiming to be "homeless”.  She also shared a message alongside the clip saying, “Anyone wanna cash app or Venmo me a new family that would be great." After being kicked out, she shared another video to let everyone know that she was safe and with a friend.

The woman who goes by the name Jules reportedly only spoke to her parents once or twice, and she was even uninvited from Thanksgiving at her (former) home. Another video posted by the woman was about her mother and father’s reaction to her TikTok clips that were going viral.

They reportedly told her, “Congrats on 12 million”. "Agggh! That's not good!" the woman responded. Having said that, it seems like there's been some kind of improvement as Jules shared a video of her in a car with her mother and grandmother while they had a heated political discussion.


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From the videos that went viral, it was clear that the woman's mom and dad were upset about losing their so-called rights if Biden came into power. The mother was worried about having to wear masks and stay indoors. She also seemed concerned about being treated like slaves and peasants. The father, on the other hand, was worried about having to give up guns and being thrown into jail for no reason.

However, things seem to be looking up for Jules as she's gotten her car back, but if there's anything you need to learn from this is that it's okay to stand up to people you think are wrong, including your parents, even if it means being kicked out!


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